You’re here because you’ve just been told Wild Rumpus are closing, and are interested in checking out what some new options you may be able to access from members of the current Wild Rumpus Team.

Members of our team are excited about the new opportunities to be able to deliver services, and we all hope this closure sparks a new wave of innovation. Unfortunately there aren’t people launching programs specifically for 5-12, but you may be able to access some individualised supports through WR-IS (Wild Rumpus Individual Support).

Below you will see some information/links to these new providers. You can ‘opt-in’ to any of these services by completing the Online Form at the bottom of the page, or contact them directly if you have any questions and want a time to meet them to discuss this further.


Service: Round a Twist
Service Manager: Joshua Hay & Nicky Brown
Target Group: 12-17 years, 18-28 years
Service Description: Providing group-based programs during the weekdays, after-school, on weekends, and during school holidays. Visit the website for information about specific programs and days they are being facilitated.


Service: HIFA
Service Manager: Fi Dillon
Target Group: young people with high-functioning autism who attend mainstream school.
Service Description: Providing primarily small weekend group-based programs for children and young people. Some after-school programs may also be available.

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 11.22.25 pm.png

Service: Baked by Us.
Service Manager: Jess Robinson & James Asciak
Target Group: 10-17 years, 18-35 years
Service Description: Supporting young people to work in our cupcake cafe where they learn baking and decorating skills, as well as serving customers, barista skills, and delivering orders.

Airball (2).png

Service: SPPORT Services
Service Manager: Lara Williams & Nicole Williams
Target Group: 5-35 years
Service Description: Providing group-based programs with the primary aim to encourage movement, and participating in healthy fun active activity. Primarily after-school and daytime programs.
Website: (website available shortly)

Complete this form to ‘opt-in’ to any of the services listed above. This will be sent only to the service/s you indicate you are interested in accessing.

There is also an option for you to authorise transferring basic Wild Rumpus data to the new service (such as names, contact information, etc.) to save you time completing this again.