rumpus kidz

weekend programs for children aged between
5-12 years


Rumpus KiDZ provides group-based programs for primary-school aged children with additional needs on weekends. These programs have a focus on increasing social awareness skills and community participation. We believe that through varied experiences children build their resiliance and tolerance, as well as developing social friendships with their peers. It's a brilliant program to provide foundation skills children will use into their adolesence.

Jaron Fisher

Jaron Fisher

 We understand that everyone had varied needs, interests and abilities - which is why we develop a wide-range of programs each term, so there is something for everyone. The great thing about Rumpus KiDZ is that you choose the programs the child would have most interest in (and get the most from the experience). We attempt to provide an equal split of facility-based, local community-based, as well as programs to Melbourne.

 This is a group-based program, although there is some availability for children who require individualised support. Wild Rumpus will do an assessment of the child's level of need to determine how best to meet their support requirements, as well as ensure their safety.