Introducing ForwardLiving Live

Yesterday the ForwardLiving program launched ForwardLiving Live - this is the new home of our podcast series including 'ForwardFooty' and 'Home & Away HQ'! We hope to launch new podcast series throughout 2019 as the ForwardLiving program expands and is able to cater to a large group of young people. 

ForwardLiving Live enables young people the opportunities to develop their communication skills through hosting podcasts - learning how to structure content, ask and answer questions, speaking with clarity and conviction, and active listening skills. 

You can visit ForwardLiving Live at www.wildrumpus.org.au/forwardlivinglive

Our new ForwardLiving Podcast - "ForwardFOOTY"

We're super proud of our ForwardLiving group - who have decided to launch their own podast to discuss whats happening in the world of AFL throughout the week!

Our ForwardLiving program provides group-based independent living skills for young peope with additional needs. One of our goals this semester is improving our communication skills, which we have decided to do through short radio shows - here we will need to ask/answer questions, think of good topics of conversation, and work in a small team.

We had a practice this week where Erik, Luke and James discussed what happened in Round 18, and whats coming up in Round 19! They did a great job considering it was their first time doing something like this, and will only improve as they increase their confidence.

Check out our first episode, and check in regularly to see where we take the show :)