Wild Rumpus Marketplace

Because Wild Rumpus strives to be at the forefront of new generation of disability service providers, we realised that traditional ways of doing things were never going to be the right 'fit' for us. We did some intense reflection - thought about what was important for people accessing our programs, what was important for staff, and what was important for the sustainability of the service, and from that our Marketplace-model was born.

We realised that all our programs needed to have increased flexibility, as each program has different goals, and caters to a different group of young people - who have different needs and interests. So each of our programs have a Program Lead, who holds primary responsibility for their program. These Program Leads have a more intimate understanding and knowledge of the young people accessing their program, have greater ownership of the program, and be able to select the Program Staff best suited for the program.

We created a model where stronger staff have more opportunities, and have more capacity to negotiate which programs they work. This means there is now an advantage to having a stronger reputation in the workplace.

The overarching idea is that Program Leads who design, plan and facilitate better programs will be able to attract stronger staff members to work their program. At the same time Program Staff will be more encouraged to demonstrate a higher level of work performance in order to have more work opportunities in well-planned programs.



An ideas era

Marketplace creates more opportunities for team members to have their own ideas, and launch their own programs. This enables our team members to develop programs based on their interests, the amount of work they want to do, and the times of the week that suit them.
This freedom to launch new programs comes with a large amount of responsibility, with Program Leads needing to meet program expectations and be responsible for the experience young people and their families have with Wild Rumpus.

It is possible for people to start employment at Wild Rumpus and quickly build up to full-time hours. It does require the confidence to lead programs, forming relationships with other Program Leads, and demonstrating strong skills when supporting young people. Employment at Wild Rumpus is probably not suited to those wanting/needing to be employed directly into part/full-time contracts.