food adventures for young people



Feast supports young people to develop their cooking skills and safety in the kitchen, as well as explore food in our local community, produce our own food, and use the skills we have developed in exciting ways. We believe Feast not only develops cooking skills that we use in meaningful ways, but it's also an important social opportunity.


Feast runs from our Skill Development Hub in Central Geelong. Here we have established a large purpose-built kitchen space in order for groups of 6-8 young people to undertake a cooking class at a time. Wild Rumpus are focused on not providing tokenistic supports, so participants will cook entire recipes and not just one part of a recipe as they do in similar programs. Other topics covered in Feast include Healthy Eating, Cross Contamination, Safe Chopping Skills, Fire Safety, Food Storage, Measuring Skills and of course Independently recreating a meal. 

Participants will need to have skills to follow recipes with some support, but individualised support may be required for those who require extra support to complete steps of the recipe or who need extra support to be safe in the kitchen.


Our Feast program for young people with higher-needs is called Feast MAX. This program has been specifically designed to support young people to be safe and complete foundation tasks in the kitchen.


Nicky Brown
MAX Program Lead

Feast MAX is currently facilitated on Fridays from 9AM-1PM


Our beginner-level Feast program is the first-step in young peoples journey into developing kitchen skills and food knowledge. Group members cook a different recipe each week, with support to develop chopping skills, stovetop and oven skills, as well as general food safety awareness.
This level of Feast isn’t a ‘forever program’ - those who are able to meet all outcomes may be able to move onto an intermediate-level program, while others have the option to progress to our MAX program which is a more supportive program.

The Beginner Feast program runs Wednesdays from 9AM-1PM in 2019

Pizzas, Chocolate Brownies, Spaghetti Bolognese, Pancakes, Zucchini Slice, Vietnamese Banh Mi, Lemonade Scones, Sausage Roll & Pear Salad, Apple & Sour Cream Slice, Burritos, Berry Frozen Yoghurt, Greek Chicken Salad, Chocolate Pudding, Meatballs, Rainbow Cupcakes, Chicken & Bacon Pasta Bake, Pesto Chicken & Vegetables, Rocky Road, Chicken Parmigiana


Cameron Jerabek | Beginner Program Lead
Cam will re-launch the Beginner Feast program in 2019 and is a fun, supporting and enthusiastic member of the team. He has worked in kitchens and cafes around Geelong, where he has developed skills he is eager to share with young people. Cam is looking forward to getting young people excited about food!


Our Intermediate-level Feast program is currently the most advanced Feast program we provide, and is only available for those who have mastered the beginner-level objectives and are looking for the next culinary challenge! In this program we tackle more complex kitchen skills and are expected to cook recipes by following demonstrations and not needing physical assistance. This program is about being ok with the train-wreck on our first attempt at tackling complex tasks - knowing that the only way we master skills is through practice and hard work!

We have a diverse curriculum where group members cook a different recipe each week in preparation for their pop-up restaurant challenge at the end of the semester - here they recreate a recipe completely independently and serve it to four people! We also have ‘fun’ challenges such as our Nailed It! weeks where participants try to recreate an entire cake (with interesting results)!

The Intermediate Feast program runs each Wednesday and Friday from 1PM-5PM


James Asciak | Intermediate Program Lead
James has developed the Feast program and has been facilitating the intermediate program since 2018. He has a passion for food and eating delicious things, and understands the confidence that can be developed through being amazing in the kitchen. James hopes the skills young people are developing can be used to contribute to their communities and start their own small businesses.