Election Day


We're excited to support young people to make decisions about what's important to them - part of this is deciding the people who represent them. 

Supporting young people with disabilities to vote can sometimes seem 'too hard', but its an important part of being an adult and having your say - just like everyone else. If you're able to choose between different lunch options, you're able to choose between different people. The interests of people with disabilities will be more represented in government if more people are engaged in the process. 

Wild Rumpus will start supporting young people on all State and Federal election days - this will involve giving young people balanced information about the candidates in their electorate, going to a polling station to vote, and going out for lunch afterwards. 


Next Election Details
Victorian State Election
Saturday 24th of November

Enrol to vote before November 6th to participate

Before we can support you on Election Day you'll need to enrol to vote. This can easily be done online by visiting the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) website at www.vec.vic.gov.au



Go on - have your say and join our Election Day team!


Election Day
 will be facilitated by:
James Asciak