Although Wild Rumpus Community Services has closed, it has made way for a number of new providers, including Wild Rumpus Individual Support (WRIS).
Wild Rumpus Individual Support allows families of children and young people to connect and organise support directly with experienced disability support staff.

Simply browse our support staff, send them a support request, and liaise directly with them about what you’re looking for and whether they have capacity to support you.

Because families organise support directly with support staff it can be as creative as you like. In the past support has been in-home or community-based, supporting young people to work, activities during holiday programs, or having better access to their community and social opportunities.

Because we don’t have a large management system and support workers organise their own workloads we are able to pass on a large amount of the service fee to the people providing support.



Looking for Occupational Therapy, Skill Development or Support Coordination?

Check out Geronimo!


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