Wild Rumpus Community Services is a Geelong-based disability service provider supporting children and young people who have a disability. We are a registered Disability Service Provider though the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), as well as The Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS). In a short 4 years we have been in operation we have established a solid reputation, and now support over 200 children and young people through a range of innovative programs. We have also recently established our Skill Development Hub in Central Geelong, providing additional capacity-building opportunities for young people with additional needs.

We are currently looking for more individuals to join our team - but what we are looking for is quite specific...

Wild Rumpus has been founded by someone who spent the past 13 years working in disability services - so understands what it's like working in the sector. We have been established by disability support workers who could see the need to do things differently and raise expectations for the benefit of the participants we support.

We're looking for passionate and innovative individuals who have gained highly sought-after skills in the disability sector - but may be feeling a bit wasted where they are. Wild Rumpus has a focus on being creative and dreaming up new ways/programs of supporting people to empower them to have the most opportunities in the future. At Wild Rumpus employees are equal members of a team with a shared goal - not a workplace where employees are dictated to by a bloated management system. Everyone at Wild Rumpus is a disability support worker - we have no team members who are exclusively office-based, as we understand that directly supporting people is the MOST important role.

We think working with people with a disability can be really fun - which gives us the energy to keep passionate about what we do. Supporting groups of young people in the community is both mentally and physically demanding, and our team need to be able to "bounce back" and manage this demand over consecutive days. We hold ourselves and eachother to high expectation.

We are looking for particular people who have particular skills/beliefs - not neccessarily those who have years of experience in the sector. We're looking for the next generation of disability support workers.

Mandatory Prerequisites:
  • Cert IV in Disability Work (or equivalent, or intent to study)
  • Drivers Licence
  • Working With Children's Check
  • Agree to a National Police Check
  • Experience working with children and young people who have a disability
  • Experience in either recreational programs or skill-building programs
  • Innovative ideas or knowledge of the disability sector
  • Strong work ethic (there are lots of lazy disability support workers around)
  • Flexibility in availability - able to work out of school hours, weekends, and maybe the occasional camp

  • Current Position Vacancies:
    SD03 Disability Support Staff & Occupational Therapist Part-Time Part-Time Position Description
    closing: 21/01/2018
    WRCAS Disability Support Staff - Casual Support Staff Casual Casual Position Description
    closing: ongoing
    Please note that Part-Time employees have the opportunity to pick-up additional shifts up to 76hrs per fortnight.

    To Apply:
    Please see 'Position Descriptions' beside the position you wish to apply for.
    Send CV/Resume and Key Selection Criteria to jobs@wildrumpus.org.au
    Additional Information:
    If you have any queries or require any additional information before applying - we would appreciate this to be e-mailed at jobs@wildrumpus.org.au
    Internal Applicants - Please send Key Selection Criteria to jobs@wildrumpus.org.au
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