ForwardLiving is our group-based independent living skills program to prepare young people to transition to the next stage of adulthood. With structured weekly skill building programs supporting areas such as travel training, accessing community amenities independently, completing household tasks, knowing what to do when things go wrong, and self-care. Our young people also volunteer, providing them with opportunities to build communication, team work and job skills relevant to gaining employment.
  Because young people with additional needs are often quite vulnerable, we have a large focus on safety skills, participating in regular self-defence sessions at the Arena. This is to enable young people to have the confidence to take advantage of the opportunities while having the knowledge of how to avoid dangerous situations.
Program Outcomes
Semester 2 2017:
Monday OR Thursday 9AM-3PM
The beginner ForwardLiving program focuses on establishing a range of foundation skills for young people to build on. These involve cooking skills, completing household tasks, getting around independently, establishing protective skills, fire safety, contacting emergency services, and self-care tasks.
Program Outcomes
Semester 2 2017:
Thurs 9:30AM-3:30PM
The intermediate ForwardLiving program provides opportunities to use skills to actively contribute to their community - we do this through tasting a range of volunteer work expereince placements. This program also includes developing first aid skills, fitness, self-care and learning skills to manage anxiety and exercise mindfulness.
An advanced ForwardLiving program has yet to be developed.
  Referrals for ForwardLiving can be made by completing our Intake Form. We currently have vacancies in Monday & Thursdays Beginner programs!
  An after-school version of this program is also available for school aged participants.
ForwardLiving NDIS line-item
Line-items are dependent on the participant's level of support required to actively participate and complete all tasks related to the program.
Group-based community, social, and recreational activities - Weekday $21.39/hr
Assistance to access community, social and recreational activities - Weekday $42.79/hr
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