Feast supports young people to develop their cooking skills and safety in the kitchen, as well as explore food in our local community, produce our own food, and use the skills we have developed in exciting ways. We believe Feast not only develops cooking skills that we use in meaningful ways, but it's also an important social opportunity.
  Feast runs from our Skill Development Hub in Central Geelong. Here we have established a large purpose-built kitchen space in order for groups of 6-8 young people to undertake a cooking class at a time. Wild Rumpus are focused on not providing tokenistic supports, so participants will cook entire recipes and not just one part of a recipe as they do in similar programs. Each participant will usually eat half of what they have produced, and take the remaining half home. Other topics covered in Feast include Healthy Eating, Cross Contamination, Safe Chopping Skills, Fire Safety, Food Storage, Measuring Skills and of course Independently recreating a meal.
  Participants will need to have skills to follow recipes with some support, but individualised support may be required for those who require extra support to complete steps of the recipe or who need extra support to be safe in the kitchen.
  Feast is broken into different difficulty levels. Beginner-level Feast runs Wednesdays & Fridays from our Skill Development Hub at 78 Ryrie St. Geelong. View Beginner Program Outcomes here.
  An after-school version of this program is also available for school-aged participants
Feast NDIS line-item
Line-items are dependent on the participant's level of support required to actively participate and complete all tasks related to the program.
Group-based community, social, and recreational activities - Weekday $21.39/hr
Assistance to access community, social and recreational activities - Weekday $42.79/hr
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