At Wild Rumpus we provide a range of overnight "camp" opportunities aimed at increasing social participation and independence in a fun, safe and adventurous way. We provide camps that give participants a sense of accomplishment through achievements - fostering resilience, a greater understanding of self, and skills to cope with the challenges of everyday life. Many of the camp activities build teamwork skills and active communication to achieve goals, as well as having the expectations to take on more responsibility.

We provide two camps for primary and secondary school aged participants which are both set in picturesque surroundings - Cave Hill Creek Camp in May, and Kangaroobie Camp in November. Our camps are less like 'holidays' with no purpose, and are instead jam-packed and are designed to allow participants to explore, make achievements and grow. We also provide an annual adult camp for those aged over 18 years, and a high-needs camp based at Calloola House in Portarlington.

  In order to attend these camps participants need to have a solid degree of safety skills. These camps are not ideal for participants who are likely to wonder away from the vacinity of the group, or can't sleep in domitory-style rooms with other participants.
Camps NDIS line-items
The cost below is only applicable for those able to be supported in a group-based ratio. Wild Rumpus will determine the level of support required for a participant to be safely supported in a camp, and be able to actively participate in the program. If this line-item is not available the camp will be claimed for on an hourly basis.
23 023 - Community participation activities
(2 night weekend camp)
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